What is Familiars.io?

  • A monster catcher game!
  • Massively-multiplayer online! (Your friends can join you!)
  • A relaxed setting where you can collect silly familiars in a mysterious world!
  • An optional competitive PVP scene with a very small learning curve!
  • A place where you can greet other players with a "howdy!"
  • A world where the lives of familiars are precious - if their HP reaches 0, they're gone forever...!
  • Extremely easy to get started, especially if you've already played games like Pokemon!
  • Entirely free! (And free of ads!)
  • Playable in desktop and mobile browsers! (Really, the mobile experience is quite smooth!)

I hope you enjoy it!

(This game is still being actively added to! My twitter is the best place to hear about updates!)


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This game is incredible! I love the cute creatures and the addictive simple and really well done game design (the speedy levelling is lovely)! Would be nice if there were little trinkets to collect or something at the end of the underground sections or something. Great to hear you are still working on it, and keep it up, you have something awesome here

i love trhis game, its so cute

This game is super fun! Love the aesthetic, hearkens back to the good old pixel pokemon days. I look forward to seeing what else you add.

I had a 30 minute fight between my Wispy and a sensor

This game is an absolute delight! <3 my cobby


My cobby strat is so op, love this game to bits, better then pokemon

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Just massacred a carbon and a button familia in pvp, feeling good.

Game just crashed, had a maxed out cobby and maxed out patch, felling sad

should auto-save, try refreshing the page!

Just put in another hour of my time into this, great game, so good, hope to see some environment intractables added to the game and also winning items from winning a match

Noooo! Carbon!!!!

I cried when my seeker died :(

Looks fun and I just started playing

Very interesting io game concept and pretty fun, although I would have liked to know that familiars die permanently before my beloved snake died ):

Oh no!!! I completely forgot to add that aspect to the description... may they rest in peace

Love the UI, the smaller viewport constrains in a way that only adds to the wonder of exploration and to the nostalgia of playing GameBoy.


I'm excited for both the game and the dev behind the game. Both are amazing!

Super fun, super easy to pick up game. None can defeat my Cobby's magnified corn gun :)

Awesome game! The familiars are cute and the UI really is top notch.
Also  a great way to find back that sweet feeling of discovery and adventure I had playing Pokemon Red as a  kid!

very cute, would recommend playing :D