Familiars.io is a game where you catch monsters in an online, multiplayer world! Explore the world! Challenge other players? Or just say "Howdy!"

If you've played games like Pokemon, you already know how to play Familiars!

Playable in desktop and mobile browsers! (Really, the mobile experience is quite smooth!)

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another good way to store/transfer accounts if you prefer to have text of your tokens


Very cute and simple, I like it though I wasn't sure what the goal was at first.

how do i catch buoy?? ive been looking for so long, i have 19/20

fun, i dont like it when it puts their levels back but ig its fine since it only takes 3 battles to get them back to max

hey guys someone left their lvl 12 rare bunion lying about

my progress didnt save :(

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nvm it did it just moved from itch.io to familiars.io (also why is cobby no longer a starter)

estuve media hora buscando la isla del mapa y me lleve una decepción.


All the mechanics are perfect. Overall Solid. Cute graphics. Nice colors. Cute cool spell graphics. 

Loveit,very addicting,good designs, pls make updates.


pokemon but they die

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are the servers still up?


amazing game!


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drats... so i didnt have an itch.io account when i started playing this game and i had 1 of every familiar maxed out and then when i came back to play the game one day, all my progress got wiped... welp, time to start anew! (P.S. i did not have any rares so im not devastated)

its my fault that i didnt make an account sooner and i wanted to type about it.

this is super cool, i really wanna see more neat monster catching games !!

i had more fun playing this than play any pokemon game ever created


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i have stopped leveling up cobbys i just have them now

final count: 84 lvl 15 cobbys

you should make this commercial


im gonna make a business without discorde

I will deliver a lvl 15 familar to you just tell me when to join

tell me where be at what place and what time and day (pls provide timezone i may not or may be able to be there)

when you arrive i will drop it weakened for you to capture it with a ball (ball and healing is not included)

no need to offer me anything im fine with my 58 lvl 15 cobbies

is this legal? i dont know i can cancel this business at anytime


rare moments caught on tape

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i do not have discord so i have no idea waht is happening there

and because i do not have discord i will never know if some one wants a lvl 15 cobby ( i have 37 lvl 15 cobbys)


i have 29 lvl 15 cobbys i dont know what do to with them

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Great game! I would love to see some save features, along with familiar naming, and maybe a boss familiar at that island!


Also does anyone know anything about those colored familliars? I sometimes see them but don't know how to get them

what color if its red that means its rare version

But how do they show up?

idk i can't read code i think it has something to do with it and a random number generator decides if it spawns as red or not

this is a really funny game and will it come updates on the game?


such a great game i love the music and mosters it is very nice but i would like a few more features

Hi there I am milky swoobat and i am developing an app called crave mail so can i pls have permission to add this in crave mail i will credit you


How do you save? Or does it auto-save?


Just a normal picture with Cobby. Nothing wrong at all. Ignore the threesome in the corner.


Oh god I can't stop them.

I understand what it is now! It's a player fighting an enemy.

pretty interesting, a bit too unforgiving for me maybe due to my lack of pokemon experience but i don't really feel like wanting to get a stronger teams because of the risks it involves. maybe slightly more common potions? idk tho, its great as of now, just not much to do until you update it again and do some advertisement to increase population

Also, not sure of a bug or just a feature that makes the game even scarier but poison carries over from fight to fight with seemingly no way to remove it

"A relaxed setting"

Jokes on you permanent monster death makes it immensely stressful looool (kidding. a bit. I do get very attached lol)

This games pretty cool even for me who kinda just plays by myself even in online games, love the critters!

Good game, but there's never any players.

I found this oil can item and what am i supposed to do with it?


can you make it so that familiars dont be gone forever make it so when there hp is 0 level down them by 3 levels and if they get to lvl 0 they are gone fovever

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1. Train A LVL 1 Familiar To LVL 15

2. Train One Type Of Familiar To LVL 15

3. Get All Kinds And Types Of Familiars

4. Beat A LVL 15 Familiar With A Whole Team Of Either LVL 1 LVL 2 LVL 3 LVL 4 LVL 5 Familiars


A good game but it lacks a lot too keep people Interested for a long period of time. So far I've found any monster having or being a dark type to be very powerful. In my opinion the strongest monster is wispy that thing just won't die to any physical attacking monster In the entire game.

I really like the game, the pixel art, the little animations, and to be an indie game that has good characters and logic, I will probably keep playing.
*also what is Patch's colours?

Wrote up a strategy guide here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KSZ9hGjVurZH49wnk6nqvI2cPMGKvt3gvxykFJxS...

game got updated new stuff now

you should add a shop at spawn and some form of currency you get from beating monsters

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